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We're fascinated by Paul Gillot, the French-born jewelry designer and longtime Gustav Manz associate who arrived in New York City in 1902 and went to work at Marcus & Company; he remained at the firm, cultivating French expats like Sarah Bernhardt and Marcel Knecht, until September 1914 when he obtained leave of absence to join the French infantry on the battlefields of Verdun—at age 37. Wounded twice before his discharge, he returned to New York in June 1915, and with his Dutch-born wife Mathilda set up Gillot & Co. At his death in 1949, the firm was located at 610 Fifth Avenue, La Maison Fran├žaise. This diamond and sapphire dress clip—the first Gillot & Co piece we've ever spotted on—is, pardon our French, a corker. Was it set in Manz's shop? C'est possible. 

 Gillot & Co letterhead from the early 1920s 


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Jewelry images: eBay
Gillot & Co letterhead: National Archives, Petitions for Naturalization 
from U.S. District Court for Southern District of New York, 1897-1944

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